Workplace awards scheme

In a joint initiative with Queen Elizabeth’s School in Wimborne, the town’s Rotary Club and its business partners have launched a workplace awards scheme. Under the scheme four young people aged 16-17 who are in their A-level year are being given a week’s practical work experience this summer through placements with a selection of the business partners.

Snakes alive!

Feathers and scales featured at Bournemouth’s Bishop of Winchester Academy during a science innovation day. From Jonathan Cleverly’s Jungle Roadshow, students were able to handle a 15-year-old African royal python called Rafiki and a giant millipede, and get a close up view of a tarantula. From Ringwood’s Liberty’s Owl, Raptor and Reptile Centre, birds including a peregrine falcon, kestrel, tawny owl and baby Asian wood owl called Cookie, also fascinated the year 9 students.