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The laws on drink driving have been in existence since 1967 when the legal drink drive limit was introduced, as was the breathalyser.

There really is no excuse for anyone to get behind the wheel of a car when they’ve had too much to drink.

It comes as a bit of a shock to learn that Dorset Police has arrested 23 people in the first week of its summer drink and drug drive campaign, of these, five were made after road traffic collisions. The other 18 followed stop checks on drivers.

As part of the police campaign, additional checks are being carried out throughout the county, including early morning checks undertaken by both marked and unmarked police patrols. Anyone involved in a collision will be breath-tested.

What does Dorset Police have to say about the campaign so far?

“In the last week alone drink has been the cause in five road traffic collisions. Fortunately we were able to intercept another 18 drivers and make arrests before they too caused a collision.

“The public support we have received during the campaign has been excellent so far and I’d again urge people to call in if they suspect someone is drink driving so we can take action.

“My warning to anyone getting behind the wheel after they’ve had a drink is simple – you are seriously increasing your chances of causing a road traffic collision and we will catch you.” Dorset Police Traffic Inspector, Matt Butler.

Drink drivers should be reported by calling police on 101. When a crime is in progress or life is at risk, dial 999.

The drink and drug drive campaign runs until midnight on Sunday, 30 June.

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