37th mayor of Ferndown elected

37th mayor of Ferndown elected, Cllr Mrs Jean Read

Caption: New mayor of Ferndown, Cllr Mrs Jean Read

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37th mayor of Ferndown elected

Cllr Mrs Jean Read has been elected as the 37th mayor of Ferndown. It will be her second term as mayor, having served previously in 2010/11.


“It is a great honour to be elected as the town mayor of Ferndown again,” said Cllr Jean Read after her election at an extraordinary council meeting on 24 August.

The role had stood vacant following the sad loss of the town’s mayor, Cllr Steve Lugg, on 20 July.

Serving as the mayor of Ferndown in 2010/11, she has been a councillor since 1995 and contributes to a number of the council’s committees. She is currently chairman of the personnel committee.

“I thoroughly enjoyed carrying out my duties when I was mayor in 2010/11, so I am very much looking forward to being in the role again,” said the new mayor.

“Ferndown faces new challenges since my last mayorship, such as Dorset’s local government reorganisation, and it will be my priority to ensure that the needs of Ferndown and its residents are met.”

Well-known in the town, Jean has lived in Ferndown since 1986, when she moved from Bedfordshire with her husband Fred, and young family. Jean has two children, five grandchildren and one great grandchild.

37th mayor of Ferndown elected, Cllr Mrs Jean Read

Caption: New mayor of Ferndown, Cllr Mrs Jean Read

Until recently, she was the chairman of Ferndown in Bloom for a number of years and was the lead for the project which planted daffodils along Ringwood Road.

She currently runs the Friday Coffee Morning at the Barrington Centre and is a regular member of the congregation at St Mary’s Church in Ferndown.

Cllr Mrs Julie Robinson was elected as deputy mayor.

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