Aleesha steps up to the plate

Aleesha steps up to the plate

Caption: Aleesha and the team

Bournemouth | Posted: Monday, November 26th, 2018 at 9:40 am | return to news

Aleesha steps up to the plate

After joining Yellow Buses on an engineering graduate scheme, Aleesha Edie has been appointed as workshop supervisor.

Aleesha steps up to the plate

Caption: Aleesha and the team

The recruit is responsible for the busy workshop that keeps the fleet of more than 150 vehicles on the road.

She also manages the dozens of engineers who carry out the maintenance and repairs on the buses at the depot in Yeomans Way, Bournemouth.

The company is using the scheme to bring through talented youngsters into management roles.

Phil Pannell, Yellow Buses’ service delivery director, said, “Aleesha’s appointment is part of the process of the scheme and she has really stepped up.

“She has learned a great deal very quickly and we’ve been really impressed by how she deals with situations and manages our experienced team.

“It is a role she has got due to merit and she will spend six months as supervisor before moving into a new management role within the company.”

Aleesha said, “It’s been a steep learning curve but I’ve really enjoyed it and the engineers are very supportive.

“It is quite a responsibility to keep all the vehicles on the road, but there is an excellent team who are really motivated.

“This graduate scheme has been superb and I’m so grateful to Yellow Buses for taking me on.”

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