Allenbourn Middle School school made an Olympian effort when it came to inspiring their children to learn about ancient Greece.

The 153 year 5 students at at the Wimborne school ditched their school uniform for tunics, sandals and laurel wreaths as they turned back the clock to more than 2,000 years.
The day was organised to help bring history alive for the children.

The students participated in ancient Olympic Games, re-enacted famous Greek myths and trod the boards for some Greek dancing.
They ended their day with a chariot race.

Headteacher, Cindy Pritchard, said: “There’s nothing like bringing history and text books to life than getting the children truly involved in acting out what life was like back then.
“Our Year 5s had a fantastic time spending the day in Ancient Greece and have learned so much about the culture of the times.”

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