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An appeal to bring Santa back is made by Poulner pub landlord

A pub landlord from Poulner, Ringwood is calling on a customer to return a stolen Santa that was swiped from the hostelry.

Stolen Santa statue
The Santa that was swiped from the London Tavern pub in Poulner, Ringwood

Phil Hoyle, who runs the award-winning London Tavern in Poulner, Ringwood, bought the jolly figure for his Alpine Bar that he’s building in the beer garden.

However, on Thursday 12 December, the Father Christmas had disappeared and the popular landlord wants the punter to return the bearded figure.

The missing Santa is wearing a Christmas jumper and is carrying presents and a pair of skis.

Phil said, “I bought the Santa for our Alpine bar that we thought would be something a bit different for our hundreds of regulars.

“I put the Santa on a window sill inside the pub and during a very busy night he vanished.

“Our regulars are a great bunch, but someone must have thought it amusing to take him.

“We are calling on that person to show a bit of Christmas spirit and return Santa to us. We have two children who are very upset.

“Running a pub is hard enough these days without people pinching the decorations.

“We are still going ahead with the Alpine bar which opens on Friday 20 December.”

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