Great reindeer hunt

There may be a problem this Christmas – some of Santa’s reindeer are missing! The Teddy Bear Museum in Dorchester, which is Britain’s only museum devoted entirely to teddy bears, has been delightfully decorated for a vintage Christmas celebration, complete with a special Christmas story to guide visitors around the house. But, the teddy bears…

Hats on for Anneyce

The Christchurch and District Concert Band, arranged for a show of solidarity when they heard that a member, flautist Anneyce Knight, had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Shortly after starting chemotherapy, Anneyce’s hair began to fall out and she decided to have it all shaved off. Steff Emmett, Director of Music said, “Anneyce told me her hair had started to come out in clumps and had made the decision to have the rest of it shaved off.