Samantha Henderson murder investigation – Dorset police advice to people commenting on Facebook

Dorset police have issued the following advice to people on Facebook concerning the Samantha Henderson murder investigation Dorset Police appreciates the help of the public, and people on Facebook particularly, for sharing important information that has assisted this investigation. We also understand that many people will want to express their upset and offer sympathies to…

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EDDC to oppose charges for Household Recycling Centres

East Dorset District Council’s Community Committee has decided to support the government proposals to prevent any charges for residents to use Household Recycling Centres (HRCs). On 22 January, the Department for Communities & Local Government (DCLG) published a consultation document entitled “Preventing ‘backdoor’ charging at household waste recycling centres” which invites comments on “the Secretary of State’s…

Put your lover on ice

The Cool Coast Ice Rink is holding a special ‘Bring your loved one for a skate date this Valentine’s day,’ with chocolates and flowers giveaways. The fun all-weather rink at the BIC is open daily until 22 February. The Valentine’s event is in the evening on 14 February. For more details visit