Swanage Railway Steam Gala

The star of the show at this weekend’s Steam Gala and Vintage Transport Rally at Swanage is the classic 1928 Brighton-built U-class steam locomotive No 31806, nicknamed the ‘U-boat’. The event runs from Friday to Sunday, 6–8 September 2013. It also includes a rally next to Harman’s Cross station staged by the Bournemouth and Poole Preservation Club.

Car Plows into Petrol Pump

A car crashed into a petrol station pump at Sainbury’s Garage at Trickett’s Cross, Ferndown on 27 August. Following the accident, emergency services were called out to ensure the safety of the area. Matt Hunter, Sainsbury’s store manager said: “Our priority was to ensure the safety of customers and colleagues. “Our colleagues reacted quickly to…