The World Of Downton Abbey front cover

The World of Downton Abbey

By Jessica Fellows Published by Collins 15 September 2011 Foreword by the series creator Julian Fellows Photography by Nick Briggs Review by Sylvia Minns The book is written by Jessica Fellows, an author and freelance journalist in her own right, with a foreword by Julian Fellows. Julian Fellows created Downton Abbey which is now hailed as…

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Dorchester and Around Through Time front cover

Dorchester and Around Through Time

By Steve Wallis Published by Amberley Publishers 2009 Review by Sylvia Minns The author Steve Wallis, currently a senior archaeologist with Dorset County Council,  has produced this  splendid full colour representation of the history and memories of life in and around Dorchester. There are around 200 colourful photographs with many taken from old postcards. These…

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Bournemouth Through Time front cover

Bournemouth Through Time

By John Christopher Published by Amberley Publishing in 2010 Review by Sylvia Minns This colourful paper back is a lovely up to date history of the town of Bournemouth. Bournemouth, a relatively young town, is just 200 years old and there is a good introduction of how the town progressed from just before Victorian times,…

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Thomas Hardy - The Wessex Series front cover

Thomas Hardy – The Wessex Series

By Jane Drake Published by Wessex Books originally in 1997 Reprinted in current format in 2010 Review by Sylvia Minns This colourful paper back, an updated version of an original 1997 edition, is a delightful potted biography of the life and works of the Dorset writer Thomas Hardy. Thomas Hardy is loved for his writings…

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The Branch Lines Of Dorset front cover

The Branch Lines of Dorset

By Colin G Maggs Amberley Publishing ISBN 978-1-84868-352-5 The branch lines of Dorset, shared almost equally between the GWR and LSWR varied from lightly built, rural railways carrying a low volume of traffic, to the Swanage branch, which at times carried main line express locomotives. Fortunately this line has been preserved and can still be…

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Moving On From Short Story to Novel a step-by-step guide front cover

Moving On from Short Story to Novel a step-by-step guide

By Della Galton Accent Press Review by Sylvia Ann Minns Moving On: From Short Story to Novel is written in Della’s informative and easy to understand style that she also applied to her book ‘How to Write and Sell Short Stories’ published in 2009. Della is a successful and experienced author whether it be short…

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River Cottage veg everyday front cover

River Cottage veg everyday!

By Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall Bloomsbury Publishing Plc Review by Sylvia Ann Minns Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall began the River Cottage concept in Dorset in1998 and has since extended the idea with the addition of other successful centres. These centres still have the same values – less dependence on the outside world, food integrity and the consumption of local,…

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Kids Dorset front cover

Kids’ Dorset

By Sarah-Jane Forder Roving Press A book full of children’s favourite places in Dorset has been compiled by Sarah-Jane Forder.  She says, “Having a young daughter myself, I know how hard it is to inspire them with a walk or visit to ‘some boring grown-up place.’ But just let them choose somewhere out of Kids’…

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The Great Year - Understanding 2012 and Beyond front cover

The Great Year – Understanding 2012 and Beyond

By Ian Thorp Archive Publishing 2011 Illustrations by Ian Thorp Review by Sylvia Minns Using the device of a time-traveller named ‘The Captain’, whose vessel resembles an 18th century sailing ship rather like HMS Victory, the author seeks to reveal how our planet has been observed and understood by human beings since they first appeared…

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Gardens of Dorset front cover

Gardens of Dorset

By Roger Lane Published by Frances Lincoln Limited The Gardens of Dorset is a portrait of thirty-seven of the best gardens in Dorset. There are delights and surprises aplenty, including a Roman temple in the suburbs of Bournemouth; a folly nestled within the fern garden of an ancestral manor; a classic cottage garden festooned with…

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