Mr Roseblum's List front cover

Mr Rosenblum’s List

By Natasha Solomons Published by Sceptre Inspired by the author’s grandfather and an actual advice leaflet that was handed out to Jewish German refugees, ‘Mr Rosenblum’s List’ is an endearing book. Jack Rosenblum flees Berlin with his wife Sadie to arrive in England in 1937. Fifteen years later, Sadie is still dreaming about home but…

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Painting Dorset front cover

Painting Dorset in Watercolour

By Marilyn Allis Published by Tabella Publishing ISBN 978-0955808-89-0 A beautiful collection of studies capturing the coastline, countryside, buildings and people of Dorset. Dorset Artist, Marilyn Allis, has written this full colour teaching book to inspire you and fi re up the imagination. With 33 demonstrations and ideas, complete with step-by-step guidance on creating your…

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How to Write and Sell Short Stories front cover

How to Write and Sell Short Stories

By Della Galton Published by Accent Press Ltd 2008 ISBN 9781906373337 Review by Nancy Henshaw This book is fun and easy to read and the author clearly enjoyed writing it.  At the same time it is tremendously informative and the underlying work and research is formidable.  It is hard to imagine it becoming dated.  Della…

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Notwithstanding front cover


By Louis de Bernières Published by Harvill Secker ISBN 978-1-846-55330-1 A Frenchman once pointed out to Louis de Bernieres that Britain was the most exotic country in Europe, adding that it was ‘an immense lunatic asylum’. Casting his mind back to the village in southern Surrey where he grew up in the sixties and seventies,…

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Lost Voices of the Titanic front cover

Lost Voices from the Titanic

By Nick Barratt Published by Preface Publishing ISBN 978-1-84809-149-8 On 15 April 1912, the largest, most expensive, most luxurious ship ever built sank beneath the icy waves of the northern Atlantic. Over 1500 people perished that night in what was to become one of the most examined tragedies of our time. Told in the words…

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Aggracore Front Cover

Aggracore / Back To Go

Published by Pulford Paperbacks 
ISBN No 978-0-9555022-0-0
 Review by Della Galton This fast-paced fantasy novel, aimed at the teenage/adult fiction, market is unusually presented in eighty-four short chapters, fifty-eight of which are illustrated by the author. The black-and-white planet Aggracore is on the brink of destruction and about to be taken over by the evil,…

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Paranormal Dorset front cover

Paranormal Dorset

By Roger Guttridge Published by Amberley ISBN 978-1-84868-394-5 The first book to explore, in depth, the complete range of paranormal phenomena reported throughout Dorset. Published in a handy A-Z format, you will find accounts of well-known hauntings, as well as many previously undiscovered locations. As well as re-examining and updating some of the county’s best…

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Hampshire & The New Forest - Stories of the Supernatural

Hampshire & The New Forest – Stories of the Supernatural

By Sonia Smith Published by Countryside Books ISBN 978-1-84674-164-7 Some of us might say we don’t believe in ghosts, but few of us are rash enough to say categorically that they don’t exist. Author Sonia Smith does not try to persuade either way, however, the sheer number of apparitions, phantoms, ghosts and spectres of which…

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Water Side Walks In Hampshire front cover

Water Side Walks In Hampshire

Published by Countryside Books ISBN No is 978-1-84674-129-6 The sparkle of streams meandering through charming valleys, the peaceful reflections on quiet lakes and scenic footpaths beside estuaries and seashore are just some of the attractions of walking beside water. In this new edition of ‘Waterside Walks in Hampshire’, the rivers, lakes, canals and coastline of…

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