Matt Hughes with the Pride Award Certificate

Matt Hughes with the Pride Award Certificate

Matthew Hughes, Public Safety Officer at Bournemouth’s Castlepoint Shopping Park, has received recognition for helping the police arrest two car thieves.

In April (2015) the police had called Castlepoint’s security team advising that a stolen car may have entered the car park. This was confirmed by the team checking the number plate recognition system.The security cameras were then used to track the two thieves as they walked about the shopping park. As the police moved in, Matt used radio to help his team track the thieves and guide the police whilst the two men stayed on the site.

Bill Riddle, Operations Manager at Castlepoint says that although the thieves were apprehended after they fled the park on foot having spotted the growing police presence, Matt’s support was commended by the police to his employers, the London based security firm Emprise.

Presenting the Pride Award certificate on behalf of the police and Emprise, Bill said that Castlepoint and the population as a whole should be proud of Matt’s professionalism and how well the incident was handled.

Matt, who has worked at Castlepoint for almost 10 years, said: “It was really a team effort with my colleagues assisting by monitoring our cameras and keeping additional surveillance outside. The award is one for the team on the day and was just part of our role to keep Castlepoint a safe and secure shopping environment.”

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