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Battle continues to save Blackfield Farm from development

West Moors residents in Dorset are continuing their battle to save Blackfield Farm from development.

West Moors residents came out in force in August 2019 and are determined to keep up the pressure
West Moors residents came out in force in August 2019 and are determined to keep up the pressure

An outline planning application submitted by Nick Aris last summer went down like a hot brick, and nearly 200 people turned up for a parish council meeting on 22 August 2019 to show their determination to fight the development. The meeting had to be convened outdoors to accommodate the numbers of people who attended. The application was later withdrawn.

At that time, Councillor Alex Clarke summed up the parish council submission relating to the council’s decision to object to the application and this can be seen on video on the Viewpoint Magazine Facebook page.

The latest outline planning application from Mr Aris, planning reference 3/20/1280/OUT, is for New Build Light Industrial Unit, church and community hall, and Residential Care Home.

It has already received 100 objections.

Objections by residents must be made by 10 October 2020.

The parish council is now a town council. It is a consultee in the planning process. As such, it will be holding a Planning Consultative committee meeting on 22 October at 7pm via Zoom, to which residents are invited. An extension has been granted to West Moors Town Council, only, to make its comments by 23 October.

West Moors Town Council has invited everyone who submits an objection to Dorset Council (the planning authority) to send a copy of their objection to the town council, promising that town councillors will read these objections prior to the Zoom meeting.

It must be stressed that residents must, in the first instance, put in their objections to Dorset Council by 10 October 2020 and not object directly to West Moors Town Council.

Dorset Council is the planning authority and will make the final decision.

Anyone wishing to submit an objection to Dorset Council should visit or go to and search for 3/20/1280/OUT (Land off Blackfield Lane), West Moors, Dorset or email using the planning reference 3/20/1280/OUT.

Campaigners against this development will help anyone who needs assistance to do this, and you can contact them on 01202 798345 or email them at

Objections to Dorset Council can also be sent by post to: Dorset Council, Allenview House, Hanham Road, Wimborne BH21 1AJ.

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