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Beach groynes along Poole and Bournemouth boundary to be replaced

A scheme to protect our coastline for the next 100 years is to start on 26 October and will see the replacement of eight timber groynes.

The groyne renewal map
The groyne renewal map

The £1.9 million project will see the replacement of the groynes along the Poole/ Bournemouth boundary, to the eastern side of Durley Chine.

Five groynes from the boundary to Middle Chine will be carefully deconstructed and replaced with four more evenly spaced ones. This work is due to finish in spring 2021, subject to weather conditions and any COVID-19 restrictions, with work on the remaining four groynes planned to start in autumn 2021.

In May this year, the council received £33 million funding from the Environment Agency for the beach management scheme. The groynes, which need replacing every 25 years, help to retain the beach material moved by the waves and, along with sand replenishment, protect the seawalls and cliffs from erosion. Each new groyne will be constructed using a mix of new tropical hardwood timber and recycled tropical hardwood planking, from previously deconstructed timber groynes.

During the works, areas of the beach will be restricted for safety reasons, but access along the promenade will be maintained to allow residents and visitors to pass by safely.

In early 2021, the council is also planning to replenish the beaches with sand, from Poole to Southbourne.

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