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Beaches will remain open for dogs across Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole

Local dog owners living near the seafront in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole will be able to continue walking their dogs on the beach this spring.

Dogs on beaches: enforcement suspended on BCP Council beaches but keep your dog under control
Dogs on beaches: enforcement suspended on BCP Council beaches but keep your dog under control

BCP Council is temporarily easing restrictions for dogs on all beaches from 1 May, to ensure social distancing measures continue to take place in these difficult times.

The main beaches across Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole do not normally allow dogs on them from 1 May-30 September, however, due to the current measures around social distancing, the council will temporarily suspend enforcement meaning dog owners can continue to use the beach during this time.

“With lockdown and social distancing measures still in place, we are temporarily allowing dogs to continue using the beach as part of the daily exercise from home. This will ensure the promenades don’t become busy with both people and dogs, with local dog owners able to continue to enjoy walking their dogs on the beach. This decision will be reviewed once the current lockdown restrictions are lifted,” said Councillor Lewis Allison, cabinet member for Tourism, Leisure and Communities, BCP Council.


Lynwood Vets


Lynwood Vets

All dog owners across Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole are being reminded to:

  • Keep their dogs on a lead when they are in spaces where they’re likely to come across other users
  • Remember to pick up after their dog – waste teams are continuing to empty dog bins across the three towns
  • Always keep your dog under control when using any beaches, parks, nature reserves and open spaces
  • Remember some people are afraid of dogs – and even more so at this time

Dog owners are also being reminded that it is bird nesting season until July. When taking daily exercise on any heathlands, residents are being reminded of the Countryside Code which is to keep dogs on a short lead in order to protect wildlife from disturbance and ensure that ground nesting birds do not fly away in distress. Dogs should also be kept on a lead around livestock as it’s an offence for a dog to worry livestock.

With the majority of residents following these guidelines in increasingly challenging times, local beaches, parks and open spaces continue to provide a welcome daily relief to the lockdown across the conurbation.

Councillor Allison, added, “It’s important that we make everyone aware of these guidelines to ensure all our staff and residents can stay safe when they are outside in our open spaces, and in doing so, we appreciate all our residents support during these difficult times, so thank you.”

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