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BH Coastal Lottery helps COVID-19 affected good causes

A total of 15 local groups who were in need during COVID-19 have benefited from the BH Coastal Lottery.


Created in 2019 by Bournemouth Council, it is now operated by BCP Council.

The jackpot is £25,000 and other prizes range from £25.00 – £2,000 and three free tickets for the next draw. There are also regular ‘bolt on’ prizes to be won, which have included short breaks in the luxury beach lodges.  To date no one has won the jackpot but some 4,000 supporters have won other prizes, including several £2,000 prizes.

The success of BH Coastal Lottery has resulted in over £38,000 being raised and made available for small local good causes across Bournemouth. The Lottery Small Grant Scheme was swiftly followed by the Emergency Small Grants Scheme. These good causes who have worked specifically on projects to provide direct help to the local community during the coronavirus crisis were urged to apply for a small grant of up to £2,500 each.

Beneficiaries included groups which provided additional lockdown garden maintenance for veterans who are rehabilitating into society; contribution towards home learning programme to vulnerable / not in school young people; free alternative childcare spaces to 22 children from most vulnerable / high risk families; essential supplies to vulnerable women in Bournemouth and Boscombe; support for Townsend residents who are older, vulnerable or self-isolating who have reached a financial / food crisis and providing food boxes for families to cook a healthy meal whilst ‘locked down’.

Cllr Vikki Slade, Leader of BCP Council said, “The COVID-19 crisis has greatly affected our community, particularly the vulnerable. I am very proud of the efforts of our local community groups, and hope that the grants they have been awarded have helped in their continued efforts to help to improve the welfare of our local residents who are in need.”

BH Coastal Lottery tickets can be purchased by visiting website and the draw takes place every Saturday. Further calls to help good causes will be made once the fund is large enough again.

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