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Big Little Theatre Broadway Showtunes

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Jumping for Joy at Broadway Showtunes

Bournemouth Pavilion Theatre, 19 July

Review by Arabella Watkiss

Big Little Theatre Broadway Showtunes

After the first set of songs, I was gobsmacked at the talent of the Big Little Theatre School, whose students are aged from four to 19. The cast opened with and colourful and fun number from Barnum, and built excitement with acrobatics and a variety of creative costumes, as well as impressive singing and dancing. All of the singers, whether they were 19 or eight, sang in tune, with amazing airflow and breath control and impressive phrasing. Even when cast members were doing lifts or moving around the stage, the sound stayed steady. There were many moments of stunning harmony and some difficult and well-executed part-singing.

The youngest company also wowed singing Our House. Although the performers were so young, they were equally as talented and professional in their performance and brought fun and excitement to the stage and made such a big sound for such little kids.

The choreography was also second to none. The numbers that involved the whole company were very visually impressive. Choreography was imaginative and fun and was professionally carried out with skill, precision and agility by the companies. All the cast were rehearsed and in time with the music and each other. I particularly enjoyed the acrobatics in Join the Circus and the sass involved in the choreography of the Cell Block Tango as well as the switch to the Charleston for Hot Honey Rag. As well as a proficiency in singing and dancing, the acting was authentic and well done.

Broadway Showtunes Big Little Theatre

I also want to commend co-founders of the school, Michelle Guy and Colin Billing, as well as all the directors, supervisors, choreographers, musical directors, producers – of whom there are too many to mention – and everyone else who was involved in producing and organising such a wonderful show. Praise must go to the band who tirelessly accompanied the two-and-a-half hour show with gusto and expertise, as well as the stage design and the sound and technical production without whom there would be no show.

I have huge admiration for those who provide support and innovation out of sight, from behind the curtains or from under the stage. All in all, the performance was spectacular and I enjoyed every minute of it.

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