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The Countryside Alliance is asking people to become phone detectives this summer and help it map real phone reception rates across the UK. Bob Walter MP is backing the cause.

The organisation is asking people to download the free RootMetrics app onto their smartphone or tablet and use it while they are at home, as well as while they are out and about. The app tests the strength of their mobile phone signal and automatically records the result. It can also be used to check which company provides the best service in an area.

This information will be used to make the case to phone companies and the Government to improve mobile reception, especially in isolated rural areas. North Dorset contains a number of areas with exceptionally poor mobile signal, which is why Bob is so keen to see as much information gathered as possible to back the case for more concerted Government action.

For further information on how to use the app and to see the results so far, please visit or contact Countryside Alliance press officer Charlotte Cooper  on 0207 840 9220.

Bob commented:

“Everyone pays the same for their phone package but phone reception is very variable and many people are not getting a good deal. The Government and phone companies need to take notice of this fact and ensure that no one is missed out from the mobile network.”

“I would ask everyone who can to download the app and make use of it this summer so the Countryside Alliance can have the best possible information to take to the Government and phone companies this autumn.”

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