BOFA’s FireBOX enhancements improve workplace safety

BOFA’s FireBOX enhancements improve workplace safety

Business | Posted: Thursday, September 6th, 2018 at 10:10 am | return to news

BOFA’s FireBOX enhancements improve workplace safety

BOFA International has unveiled new and improved versions of its FireBOX technology to further reduce the risk of fire in the workplace.

BOFA’s FireBOX enhancements improve workplace safety

The new patent-pending FireBOX units have been independently tested and are designed to meet the requirements of all classes of fire.

The applications for extraction solutions are relied upon by BOFA customers, most notably in the laser industry.

The new technology is critical as significant system damage could be caused as a result of a burning ember being drawn into a fume extraction unit as there is a possibility that debris in filters can ignite. The FireBOX GA and MA units have been developed as an inline solution at two possible points; firstly, to capture particulate at risk of ignition and, secondly, to extinguish any fire resulting from the particulate.

Product Manager, Richard Heard, explains, “The new units are designed for added safety and protection. They have a built-in temperature controller which can be set so when a 10ºC temperature rise is detected, the FireBOX will automatically activate the isolating valves and switch off the power to the extraction unit, suppressing the airflow to the FireBOX and reducing the potential for fire spread. If this doesn’t stop the fire and the temperature rises by another 10ºC, then the fire extinguisher will be activated.”

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