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Catamaran cut free in Poole Harbour

Both Poole lifeboats were launched at 4.40pm on 13 July when a catamaran with three people on board became entangled in ropes at the bottom of Evening Hill in Poole Harbour.


The 37-foot catamaran was at the edge of the channel and a passing fishing boat with one person on board had gone to assist, but unfortunately that boat had also become entangled, and both vessels were being blown into shallow waters by a south westerly wind.

The Atlantic lifeboat was first on the scene and found the fishing boat alongside East Dorset sailing club; the catamaran was at anchor in Whitley Lake. An RNLI crew member entered the water to cut the rope away and free the catamaran; she and her crew were then escorted back to their mooring.

Meanwhile, the fishing boat had got its auxiliary outboard running and made its way to its mooring, whilst the D Class stood by.

Volunteer helm Jonathan Clark said, “Today’s call out was one of those that could have escalated with the wind blowing the vessels into the shallow water, its always better to be safe than sorry and to seek help sooner, rather than later.”

After the incident, the Poole lifeboats were washed down and ready for service by 6pm.

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