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Catering promotion brings Jenny top of the agenda

The catering team at Stewarts Garden Centres in Christchurch has a new manager.

(from left) Jenny Hepple, Karen Smith, Paul Hilliam, Richard Edwards and Nora Nagy
(from left) Jenny Hepple, Karen Smith, Paul Hilliam, Richard Edwards and Nora Nagy
Jenny Hepple who started as an assistant 12 years ago has been promoted to catering manager. Her former role as assistant manager has allowed former supervisor Karen Smith to become Jenny’s assistant at the busy coffee shop. Other team members have become supervisors including Richard Edwards and Nora Nagy.
Centre manager Paul Hilliam congratulated the new management team leading the 43 full- and part-time staff who provide thousands of meals and drinks each week to the centre’s customers.
“Jenny and her team never have one week the same as the other. As well as providing a varied selection hot and cold meals, they support demand for a range of private functions from birthdays, tea parties, weddings and wakes,” said Paul Hilliam. “Since the catering facility was expanded and refurbished, 22 per cent of the centre’s turnover is attributed to the hard working team.”
The centre will continue to source produce from local suppliers to ensure that there is more taste, less waste as the company remains committed to being a responsible and environmentally aware organisation.

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