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Cattle moo’ve on to Talbot Heath

In order to conserve the land, cattle have been introduced to Talbot Heath, marking the first time grazing has been seen in the area in recent memory.

Cattle on Talbot Heath
Cattle on Talbot Heath

Following months of planning, which has included completing fencing and other necessary tasks, three British White Steers were let out onto Talbot Heath to assist in the management of this Special Site of Scientific Interest. This is a joint venture between BCP Council and Talbot Village Trust, who both own sections of the heath.

The animals come from BCP Council’s Canford Heath herd.

Through their grazing, they are helping in the management of the reserve in a way mechanical operation can’t replicate. The animals will be present for eight weeks before returning again in 2021.

Councillor Felicity Rice, Portfolio Holder for Environment and Climate Change said,

“The animals are very used to people but please respect them, give them space, keep dogs on leads and close all gates behind you.”

If you notice anything untoward or would like to volunteer on a Council heathland near you, please contact the BCP Council Environment team on 010202 261700 or out of hours 0800 50 60 50.

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