PE teacher at FUS, Ryan Ellis holds a signed football shirt with Eunan O’Kane (left) Dan Gosling and Adam Federici (right)

Three AFC Bournemouth players created a great deal of excitement when they gave a frank interview at Ferndown Upper School yesterday (27 January). PE teacher, Ryan Ellis asked the lads questions, before opening the floor to Year 10 and sixth form students.

Students discovered that goalkeeper Adam Federici started playing football aged eight, but didn’t play in goal until he was 14. He left home aged 16.

Midfielders Dan Gosling and Eunan O’Kane admitted they gave up a lot of friend time when they were younger to concentrate on football. “There were countless times that I stayed in when my friends were doing stuff. It was hard,” said Gosling who was scouted at the age of 11 for a professional team.

O’Kane came from a sporting background and started playing football aged 11. He realised he was good when he was 13 and focused on having a career in the sport.

In appreciation of the football stars’ visit, Year 12 Student Tom North told MAGS4DORSET: “It’s really exciting to see professionals giving back to the school and motivating us to achieve. It’s good to be here, looking up to the stage and thinking we are where they were a few years ago. They have given us something to aspire to, to get us in the hunter mode so we can go out and achieve. It’s nice that they have taken the time to come to our school when they’ve got so many other things to do.”

At the end of the interview the three star players signed a Cherries team shirt, which is now on display at Ferndown Upper School.

Student questions included:

Did you get any GCSE’s?

Gosling: I didn’t enjoy school. My GCSE results weren’t great. At the time my Mum wasn’t too pleased. I tried my best.

O’Kane: I passed 10 GCSEs and an ALevel and have a BTEC.

Will Portsmouth be tough?

Gosling: Yes, it will be very tough. They will all be 110% and go into every tackle and make it really hard for us. These games are more difficult than people imagine.

The full interview will be published in the next issue of Viewpoint Magazine when you can find out what a typical training day is in the life of a Bournemouth footballer, how they react to the post match stats board and what happens at half time.

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