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Children encouraged to help build a virtual learning village

SafeWise, the skills for life charity, is calling for local people - especially children - to help create an exciting new virtual learning village this summer.

SafeWise Bournemouth learning village, which will form the basis for the virtual village
SafeWise Bournemouth learning village, which will form the basis for the virtual village

The virtual village aims to provide realistic and immersive learning experiences to equip visitors with the skills, knowledge and confidence to live active, fulfilling and safer lives as the country emerges from COVID-19 and beyond.

Using a 360 model of SafeWise’s real learning village, the virtual village will be realistic and interactive and will promote discussion and decision-making to tackle skills for life and safety scenarios.

Rob Hattersley, SafeWise chief executive said,  “The virtual learning village is an exciting new development which will grow over the coming months into a rich online resource on It will ultimately form a key part of our service to schools, groups and other audiences when SafeWise bricks and mortar learning villages re-open.

“We’re reaching out to teachers, families, groups, and particularly children, for suggestions and feedback. We want to check we’re getting it right and ensure the virtual village really does meet the needs of our various audiences.

“We would love to hear views about our initial plans.”


Meesons Solicitors


Meesons Solicitors

Visit to fill in a survey and find out how to get involved.

SafeWise has secured grant funding from Talbot Village Trust to kick-start initial development of a virtual village to go live this summer based on SafeWise’s popular Junior Safety Inspector family tours.

The aim is to then develop the virtual village in coming months for schools and other audiences with the help of additional funding or sponsorship. It would form a core part of support already planned for teachers to use in the classroom, and for preparation before and after a visit to the SafeWise bricks and mortar learning village.

“I would like to thank Talbot Village Trust for their grant, and, indeed, all our funding partners and corporate sponsors for their valuable support at this time,” added Rob. “We are currently in the early stages of planning the virtual village, including how much it might cost, and welcome any interest from companies or organisations interested in partnering with us in this exciting development.”

SafeWise is a registered charity and is supported by police, fire and health services as well as local councils  and corporate sponsors.

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