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Queen Elizabeth School pupils learn about science with a ‘Big Bang'

Pupils from Queen Elizabeth’s School in Wimborne won the prize for The Transport of the Future


Caption:Students take part in Big Bang fair at the Tank Museum, Bovington

Pupils from Queen Elizabeth School in Wimborne won ‘The Transport of the Future’ prize for the Most Innovative Project with Magnetic Levitation. As part of The first Big Bang science and engineering fair, a total of 1,700 primary and secondary students saw over 30 exhibitors showcasing the latest use of technology and science in the industry, making it the biggest event of its kind in the county to date where pupils had a chance to get involved in interactive workshops and theatre shows, as well as learn about what a career in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) could be like.

Senior school age children took part in an innovation competition, while primary age children were asked to design a responsibly sourced lunchbox.

Rosie Knapper, senior advisor for Schools and Learning at Dorset County Council said, “Events like this can really help children and young people get a hands-on taste of what a career in STEM could look like. They can see first-hand what skills and expertise they will need to be successful when they join the world of work.

“For primary-aged children, the chance to take part in fun activities that help challenge stereotypes and broaden horizons can help them to make the link between what they are learning in school and the wider world.

“Events like this also highlight the importance of supporting local employers to find their future talent.”

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