Collie Daisy needs a home

Collie Daisy needs a home

Caption: Seven-year-old Collie, Daisy

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Collie Daisy needs a home

Daisy, a seven-year-old collie, is begging to get settled in a forever home. Waggy Tails Rescue are looking for the perfect family to love and welcome her.

Collie Daisy needs a home

Caption: Seven-year-old Collie, Daisy

Daisy would make the perfect addition to any family. She loves to have her ears rubbed, but is not keen on meeting new dogs and won’t want to share her home with other pets.

Currently being looked after by Waggy Tails Rescue, an animal charity based in Dorset, Daisy will only be happy if she is the sole pet in the household and gets all the attention.

A Waggy Tails spokesperson said, “She is undergoing some lead training and doing very well, but this would need to be continued.”

You might think she’s a bit needy, but if she could speak she would say, “I’m not really. I just want to be settled in my forever home. Are you my special family?”

For more information on Daisy contact 01202 875000, e-mail: or visit

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