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Community fridge at the Allendale Centre is still open

Although Wimborne’s Allendale Centre is closed, people can still take advantage of the community fridge, which is open from 11am-1pm and from 2-4pm on Monday to Saturday.

Community fridge in Wimborne
Sharon Keenan beside the community fridge before the official opening in January

Featured in the mid February edition of Viewpoint, the community fridge can be accessed through the centre’s café.

Now, more than ever, it is important for there to be no food waste, and anyone can access foods such as vegetables, fruit and bread donated by Waitrose in Wimborne and the Co-op at Colehill.

Local people are also encouraged to take in items that are surplus to their requirements, such as fruit and vegetables grown in their gardens and allotments.

People who are not in the ‘in need’ category shouldn’t feel guilty about taking items they can use. And if they choose to do so, there is a donation box, which will cover the cleaning of the fridge, which will be maintained by the Allendale Centre. Do bring  your own bags.

The facility was the idea of Sharon Keenan, co-ordinator for Wimborne Food Bank, who said she was keen for the town to provide the fridge, having seen the success of those in Boscombe and at Townsend in Bournemouth.

Post edited 10 April 2020 to revise opening times and the method of access. Editor

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