Computer help at a pace that suits you

Computer help at a pace that suits you

Caption: Mike Watson and Heather

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Computer help at a pace that suits you

A Weymouth woman says free one-to-one help using the Internet has changed her life.

Computer help at a pace that suits you

Caption: Mike Watson and Heather

Heather signed up for digital skills training after hearing about it in the local media.

After three 60-minute sessions with digital champion Mike Watson at Weymouth Library, Heather is already confident enough to manage email, use search engines and shop online.

Heather said, “I had been looking for quite a while, but there was nowhere to go for lessons unless you went to college . . . and I didn’t want that.”
The one-to-one help Mike is providing under a programme called Connecting People Weymouth means he can support Heather at a comfortable pace and make sure she understands what she is doing.

Heather continued,“With Mike’s help I have just bought my first thing online – a travel steam iron. In the past I have been a bit frightened of the money side of things and using cards online. But I paid for it using PayPal and it was no hassle.”

“When I came to Mike I had around 400 emails and most of them were no use. He has taught me how to keep on top of it all. It’s easy when you know how.
“It’s changed things for me. Mike is brilliant and very patient. I love that it’s so personal – much better than in a classroom of people.”

Digital champion Mike said, “There are a lot of unused devices out there that people have bought or been given by a well-meaning relative.

“Unlike a family member, we aren’t looking to show how fast we can do something. We have infinite patience and are happy to explain or show something 10 or 20 times if necessary.

“People know they can get better deals online, but they are frightened of making a mistake or breaking something. We show people how to do it safely.”

Dorset’s councils have 50 Digital Champion volunteers like Mike spread across the county. They can show people how to use a computer, tablet or smartphone to save money, keep in touch with friends and family and more.

Call Dorset County Council on 01305 221048 with any questions about the support available.

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