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The Cranborne Chase Woodfair is coming to Hampshire this autumn. Organised by the Cranborne Chase and West Wiltshire Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty team.

David Blake, one of the organisers, said, “We want people to come and taste local food, have a go at a craft or activity they have never tried, learn something utterly unexpected and wonderful and feel included and welcome and excited and hungry for more. We want to make this, the fourth Cranborne Chase Woodfair, even more inclusive and provide even more opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds to get stuck in and have a go with lots of have a go workshops.

“We’ve everything from big forestry machines to bronze age woodworking, falconry to furniture makers, timber frames to wood turning. The Cranborne Chase Woodfair will show why wood is as relevant today as it’s always been,” says organiser, David Blake.

He goes on to explain the philosophy behind the event: “We believe that the Woodfair is a celebration of some of the region’s most famous crafts, both traditional and contemporary undiluted by an overly commercial event. So you will not find a fun-fair, but you will have a lot of fun climbing trees, watching the displays and taking part in the theatre shows. You will not find lots of pseudo- outdoor clothing made in China, but you will discover a treasure-trove of local products from food and furniture to toys and games. If you are looking for a fantastic day out this is it. If you want to get ahead with the Christmas shopping, look no further.”

A number of exciting bespoke workshops have been created to enable people to gain a deeper engagement with the event and the amazing people who make it all happen: the crafts people, the turners, bodgers, carvers, weavers, sculptors and coppice workers who will welcome you; the archaeologists, historians, ecologists, biologists, engineers, farmers, huntsmen, dog handlers, shooters and foresters who you will meet. These are available on a limited basis ahead of the event at

Date: Saturday 5 & Sunday 6 October 2013

Price: Adults £10, Children (5-16) £2, Family (2 adults & £ children) £22.00

Venue: Breamore House, Nr. Fordingbridge, Hampshire, SP6 2DF


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