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‘Don’t Be a Tos53r’ campaign to target visitors this summer

The amount of litter left behind on local beaches in June was horrendous and Litter Free Dorset doesn’t want a repeat of this.

Poster pic
Poster pic

Consequently, the campaign has developed the ‘Don’t Be a Tos53r’ campaign to target visitors that may choose to leave their rubbish behind.

As people’s habits are moving to ‘take away’ options disposable packaging is on the rise and it risks polluting our beautiful county if people act irresponsibly. Because many people are choosing to have staycations more visitors are coming to Dorset and the increase in litter is putting additional strain on council services.

Litter Free Dorset will be installing posters in Dorset Council car parks and larger signs in areas which experience high footfall during the summer holidays. Litter Free Dorset is asking people to simply put their rubbish in the bin or if it’s full take it home with them.

If you see someone littering from a vehicle you can report the incident by logging onto

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