Eleven new beach huts built at Friars Cliff beach on the Dorset coast have all been sold within weeks of coming onto the market.

The beach huts are the second group of huts to be sold by Christchurch Borough Council in the past two years, the first being at Gundimore beach next to Mudeford Quay which were sold almost immediately they reached the market in 2014.

Some of the Friars Cliff huts were sold to people who were on a reserve list for the Gundimore huts but had not been successful in getting one of those.

Judith Plumley, Head of Community & Leisure at Christchurch Council, said: “The fact that these huts have sold so quickly shows that there is a great demand for people to have a hut in one of the prime locations on the south coast.

“We will continue to investigate other sites where more beach huts could be built so that more people can enjoy our beaches, and the funds generated help to resource other projects and services across the borough.”

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