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Dorset Family History Society continue to meet

Although in March Dorset Family History Society had to close its Treetops Research Centre in Fleets Lane, Poole and cancelled its Family History Day, monthly meetings and computer group, it is still a vibrant organisation.

Members of the society pictured in October last year. Photo by Marilyn Barber
Members of the society pictured in October last year. Photo by Marilyn Barber

Members are meeting on Zoom and intend doing so until the end of the year – and beyond if necessary.

Shirley Robinson, publicity officer said, “It means that we are able to book eminent genealogical speakers from all over the country, and the first monthly meeting and computer group meeting we held were very  successful and attracted people from many parts of the UK and even  overseas. Many have been working on their family history during  lockdown.

“We are asking anyone interested in participating in the monthly meeting talk, which takes place on the 3rd Tuesday of the month from 7.30pm to approximately 9.30pm to check our website www.dorsetfhs.org.uk for details, and then to email liaison@dorsetfhs.org.uk the week before.”

An invitation will then be sent out with sign in details. On the night participators will be asked to sign into Zoom from 7.15pm. As the group usually charge £3 to attend  the meeting, the society would welcome a contribution to cover the  cost which can be paid online via the website.

The computer group meetings, which have all the details on the website, are being held in the same way by Zoom, and are also open to  everyone.

Shirley added, “It’s certainly been, and continues to be, a challenging time. We are looking into opening Treetops in a limited way as soon as we feel confident and happy with our safety arrangements.”

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