Dorset gritter names revealed

Dorset gritter names revealed

Caption: Osmington Chills and Polar Bere Regis

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Dorset gritter names revealed

Ten Dorset gritters have been named by you, ahead of the cold snap.

Dorset gritter names revealed

Caption: Osmington Chills and Polar Bere Regis

After the extreme weather of last winter, which saw 24-hour working to keep strategic roads open, Dorset Highways asked residents to name their gritting fleet.

The team enjoyed reading through the many suggestions, and the names are now being unveiled:

• Chillingstone
• Cold-Harbour
• Gold Chill
• Spreadisbury
• Ice Maiden Newton
• Osmington Chills
• Wooly Monkey
• Wimborne Monster
• Polar Bere Regis
• Cerne Giant’s Chilly

The gritter drivers chose the final names and, where possible, the vehicles are being named after the route they serve.

Martin Hill from Dorset Highways said, “During the snow events of February and March quite a number of people got in touch and asked whether we could name our gritters like other authorities have. We thought this was a great idea, so we challenged residents to come up with Dorset-themed names for our dedicated vehicles – and we’re delighted with the final names.”

Dorset Highways’ winter service started on 1 November with more than 80 drivers on a shift pattern to ensure 22 drivers can jump into action for any 12-hour period.

Twenty-two main routes cover the 680-miles of road that make up the gritted network, which accounts for 27 per cent of the county council’s roads.

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