Dorset Police Bravery Award nominations

Sgt Simon Kempton and PC Charlotte Harvey

Caption: Sgt Simon Kempton and PC Charlotte Harvey.

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Dorset Police officers nominated for national bravery award

Two Dorset Police officers, who were viciously attacked after stopping a man driving erratically, have been nominated for a Police Bravery Award.

Sgt Simon Kempton and PC Charlotte Harvey

Caption: Sgt Simon Kempton and PC Charlotte Harvey.

Police Constable Charlotte Harvey and Police Sergeant Simon Kempton have been nominated to win an award at the 23rd Police Bravery Awards in London on Thursday 12 July.

The awards, sponsored by Police Mutual, are held by the Police Federation of England and Wales to honour and recognise police officers who have performed outstanding acts of bravery while on or off duty.

Last October, PC Harvey and Sgt Kempton stopped a vehicle suspected of being driven by someone under the influence of alcohol at Morden Park Corner on the A35 in Poole.

When the vehicle stopped, the driver got out. He was shaking, sweating profusely and slurring his words. He stumbled toward the road so Sgt Kempton grabbed him to stop him from being hit by traffic. The man then became violent.

During the struggle, Sgt Kempton was struck in the head and PC Harvey was elbowed and punched in the face. Both officers were repeatedly attacked, with the man sticking his thumbs in Sgt Kempton’s eye sockets.

Sgt Kempton saw the man trying to get back into his car. Just as the engine started, Sgt Kempton reached into the open driver’s window and grabbed the keys from the ignition.

The man got out of the car still fighting, before running into oncoming traffic. Both officers jumped into the busy carriageway and pulled the man to safety, risking their own lives. He continued to fight, totally unaware of the dangers he placed himself and the officers in. Eventually other units arrived and the male was detained.

The officers sustained cuts and bruises and were both taken to Poole Hospital for treatment.

Anna Harvey, chair of Dorset Police Federation, said, ”The bravery and professionalism shown by PC Harvey and Sgt Kempton went above and beyond the normal call of duty. They showed exceptional bravery, putting their own lives at risk to apprehend a violent member of the public while ensuring he did not come to any harm.”

Stephen Mann, CEO of Police Mutual, said, ”Police Mutual is very proud to be supporting the Police Bravery Awards for the tenth consecutive year.  To all of you who have been nominated, be proud of yourselves and your achievements. When it mattered most, you stepped up. You proved that your commitment to keeping the public safe did not waver, even when tested in the most trying of circumstances. At Police Mutual, my colleagues and I are deeply honoured to be able to show our appreciation for your bravery in keeping us safe.”

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