Dorset TANKFEST attracts 22,000 people

Dorset TANKFEST attracts 22,000 people

Caption: Dorset TANKFEST 2018.

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Dorset TANKFEST attracts 22,000 people

More than 22,000 people, over three days, attended the 15th Dorset TANKFEST at the Tank Museum in Bovington attracting worldwide support.

Dorset TANKFEST attracts 22,000 people

Caption: Dorset TANKFEST 2018.

The event was completely sold out and it attracted tank fans from around the world, including visitors from the USA, Japan and Australia.

It was the 15th TANKFEST and the biggest yet, proving the growing appeal for these historic machines.

More than 50 vehicles drove around the special display area. A mock battle was also held in which the Germans were knocked out.

Among the hardware on display was a World War Two French Char B1 tank from the French Tank Museum and a Soviet Cold War era IS3 tank from the Belgian Royal Military Museum. From the Netherlands was a Leopard 2, belonging to the historic collection of the Royal Netherlands Army.

Additionally, private collector Jon Phillips’ Stug III and Marder III were there along with two newly restored WW1 French FT-17 tanks from the Weald Collection.

Richard Smith OBE, Director of the Museum, said, “This TANKFEST had a truly impressive line-up of guest vehicles and tanks from the Museum’s collection.

“It’s a fantastic event for people to see these historic machines on the move and understand the impact of their presence on the battlefield.”

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