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Examless A-Level results delight Arnewood School

Almost a third of sixth form results at The Arnewood School in New Milton were A-Level grades of A* or A, and well over a half of the results were B grade or better in the year when no exams were taken due to Covid-19.

(l-r) Ronnie Marshall (A A Dist*) Sophie Rudd (A* A A) Freya Wood (A* A B) Lily Romley (A* A* B)
(l-r) Ronnie Marshall (A A Dist*) Sophie Rudd (A* A A) Freya Wood (A* A B) Lily Romley (A* A* B)

Headteacher Nigel Pressnell said, “We are delighted with another outstanding year of results. The teachers and the students worked incredibly hard over the last two years and overall the results were broadly as anticipated.”

Results were compiled by rigorous assessments from teachers who used fair, objective and carefully considered judgements, followed by the government’s algorithmic process.

Mr Pressnell added, “Because an algorithm is less able to make nuanced judgements than people are, there were a few students who received grades that were unexpected.

“But there is an appeals process and we’ll use that to do what’s right by our students.

“These last few months have been incredibly hard for all at the school, but everyone has adapted incredibly well.

“It is such a shame that our sixth formers students missed out on the end of year celebrations after their exams.

“But hopefully today’s results will allow them to progress their future plans for university, training or employment.”

The results showed 31 per cent received A* or A grades and 55 per cent received a B grade or better.

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