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Ferndown-based business assists in Covid-19 life saving efforts

In response to government calls for businesses to support the production and supply of ventilators, medical provisions and equipment, a family-owned manufacturer and supplier of o-rings and seals has rapidly ramped up production of its essential components in order to join the fight against coronavirus (Covid-19).

Superior Seals Ferndown
Ferndown-based Superior involved in the manufacture of ventilators

Ferndown-based Superior has been working hard during this unprecedented time to manufacture and supply more than one million o-rings and sealing solutions for use in an extensive range of critical applications. These include disinfectant sprayers for sanitisation, pressure regulators and valves for use in critical care and sterile clean connectors for medical application as well as water treatment and food processing and filtration equipment.

To date, a total of 2,000 automatic tap hand-sanitising cleaning stations have been dispatched to not only the UK’s first NHS Nightingale Hospital in London and most recently Manchester but to all other forthcoming NHS Nightingale hospitals which are due to open imminently. There are plans to increase production weekly over the coming weeks. The company’s components used in the automatic tap technology on the hand sanitisation stations help with the prevention of bacterial growth and transmission.

Superior has also been involved in the manufacture of hundreds of ventilators for use in the NHS Nightingale Hospitals. The Superior o-rings used in each ventilator protects and optimises the functionality and performance of the equipment.


Verwood MOT Centre


Verwood MOT Centre

Managing director at Superior, Tim Brown, said, “Superior has diligently been supporting its global customer base throughout this challenging period to supply, manufacture and provide technical support to customers in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food and beverage, critical infrastructure and industrial technology markets. Our work is helping to ensure essential services like food production, communication and transportation, medical care and power generation continue operations.

“We are proud to be fundamental in the development of new technologies to combat Covid-19. Utilising our in-house toolroom and manufacturing we have been able to provide rapid prototype samples and production parts from new tools in a record time which has allowed our customers to reduce development time and get new products to the market.”

He adds: “The Superior team are dedicated to producing high-precision, tight tolerance components during this very challenging time to help those on the frontline in the fight against Covid-19.”

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