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Fifty scenes of plays lift Ferndown’s COVID cloud

If you go down to a quiet residential area of Ferndown today, you will be sure of a big surprise.


Something playful, creative and happy has been taking place at the corner of Ameysford  Road and Leeson Drive during lockdown that has caused people to smile. They slow down in their cars or take a breather from the bike, and then are likely to take a snap on the mobile phone.

What could it be on a front lawn that brings so many smiles, a change of mood, laughter and a lightening of the COVID cloud that at it’s worst was causing real misery?

The answer is a theatre scene, home made and different every day. Original and ringing with nostalgia for what we have all missed so much – performances and events we can relate to – in fact everything from The Phantom of the Opera to Trooping the Colour and celebrating the NHS.

Passer-by Anthony McDonald said, “One can only marvel at the sheer generosity, inventiveness and ingenuity of this daily scene-setting. But that is what Norman and Pat Bowring have done for us all, and haven’t we enjoyed it?

“How brilliant to see people happy and engaging, and little children pointing excitedly at how Teddy is made up as a different character that they recognise.”

Norman and Pat have created over 50 scenes already.

“We started putting Teddies in the window, like others in the street, to cheer everyone up,” Norman explained, “and noticing that people were stopping to have a look, we then took the displays outside.”

Norman it seems, is the production engineer and muscle, but the creative genius is Pat, who designs the sets, and, ingeniously, uses all home materials like grandchildren’s toys and dance gear.

“We really enjoy the challenge of creating the sets and it’s been lovely to chat to all the people and children who’ve taken an interest,” said Pat.

Judging by the sterling efforts of Norman and Pat, the spirit of Ferndown Community is very much alive and well.

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