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Get the support you need in your own home

We all want to stay in our own homes, with our memories, close to friends and family and the possessions we treasure.


Nobody, not a couple or an individual should be separated from their home or the ones they love, be it a partner or a pet, if at all possible.

Promedica24 support couples and individuals in the comfort of their own homes. There is no need for families to struggle to get by.

Often when people contact Promedica24, they say they have been struggling for some time, trying to do the best they can. This has been particularly evident during the current pandemic. Their reliance is on the help other people provide and the companionship and kindness of others.

As a Live in Care provider Promedica24 have been able to support clients at home, maintaining safe isolation, allowing family members to keep in touch and rest easily knowing their loved ones have the support and company they need. Many people quietly endure the stress of caring for themselves or each other in an effort to avoid leaving their homes or worrying their families. Quite often one partner will struggle to look after the other and this can sadly lead to a deterioration in health; mentally and physically for everyone.

Promedica24 offer an affordable care solution, helping with personal care and domestic duties in the home. They provide companionship and support with the more daunting tasks such as arranging appointments and doing the shopping, thereby enabling clients more flexibility and more time to spend with loved ones in their own home on their terms.


Promedica 24


Promedica 24

Client comment

I was looking for a 24-hour Live in Care provider for my parents. Promedica24 was given to me alongside other named providers. Having no knowledge of this type of care I had to make a choice. I chose Promedica24 and am so pleased I did. I would recommend them to anyone looking for this type of help. They were very informative and explained each and every step. They maintain contact with you, doing nothing without your consent. The carers have been delightful, and my parents are well looked after.

Debbie Daughter February 2020 Dorset

I was struck how professional and caring Mark was, prior to our meeting he called to ask about my father, which to me spoke volumes.

Sadly my father suffered a major stroke 2018, which left him with Aphasia; communication was very frustrating for him. It was crucial that the agency I chose had to be able to communicate with him and lots of patience. He had some wonderful carers over the 12 months. They really went that extra mile, made sure he was taken out in his wheelchair daily so he could see something of the outside world rather than the four walls of his room, they spent quality time with him doing exercises, puzzles, playing endless games of dominoes which he really enjoyed. I lived 320 miles away it was extremely important to me that I could rely on Promedica 24, between Mark and Kerry the Care Manager, they always made sure all ran smoothly which put my mind at ease, they were always at the end of the phone if needed. I wholeheartedly recommend Promedica 24.

Rose, Poole, Dorset March 2020

If you would like to find out more information without obligation, please call 01202 681400 or 07500 763584 or email . “We look forward to hearing from you. Keep safe.

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