MEP Julie Girling


Conservative MEP Julie Girling has pledged her full support to the Prime Minister after his successful renegotiation of Britain’s relationship with the EU.

As details of David Cameron’s new deal for the UK emerged from the Brussels Summit, Mrs Girling said: “This is a case of mission accomplished so far as the deal is concerned.

“He has achieved more than many thought possible. We have more powers for own parliament, we have protection for our status outside the Eurozone, and crucially we have the means to roll back benefits tourism.

‘Now we really can have the best of both worlds if we all recognise what the Prime Minister’s has achieved and vote to remain in the EU.

“Cynics said it could not be done but he has proven them wrong again. The hard work must continue though… Now he needs the party and the country to fall in behind him so that this success is not thrown away in the referendum.”

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