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HAPPY people, places, planet conference takes place on video

Following the cancellation of the first HAPPY people, places, planet conference to have been held in Bournemouth on 18 April, a one hour and twelve minute video stream to YouTube has been launched in its place.

Gerry Clarke
Gerry Clarke

It has an important message at these very uncertain times: what is the meaning and purpose of life?

Gerry Clarke, one of the founders of the project said, “We are delighted with the end result and hope you will be too. We believe it captures the gist of what our speakers would have been presenting live on the day of the conference and at the same time reflects on the global coronavirus pandemic and gives some hope and inspiration for the future.

“We would very much like to thank everyone involved in helping us with this, our first World Happiness Project video stream. Everyone has done an amazing job.

“Already we are beginning to plan a part two video aimed especially at NHS staff working behind the scenes and on the frontline in a new video stream that will focus on issues such as mental health and wellbeing in these difficult times.

“Do please let me have any thoughts and suggestions and we will incorporate them in our plans.”


Iron Mill College


Iron Mill College

You can visit and download the programme at:

Alternatively you can subscribe to a free World Happiness Project YouTube channel at and view the HAPPY people, places, planet programme from 9am GMT on 18 April.

For further details and information visit

To contact Gerry Clarke, call 07710 611123, email:  or message him through WHTV Facebook:

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