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Help available for those with rent or mortgage worries

If you are struggling to pay your mortgage or rent, don’t delay in seeking help as possession hearings – which were suspended - restart on 23 August.


At the start of lockdown some people were unable to earn a full salary. Many were furloughed on 80 per cent of their wages, with not enough money to cover rent or mortgage payments. Some have had to claim Universal Credit.

However despite the relaxation of the lockdown, earnings may still be insecure whilst some people are facing redundancy.

If you are worried about your rent payments you should talk to your landlord as soon as possible.

Payment breaks are not ‘rent free’ periods. Your rent will still need to be paid but your landlord will work with you to agree a plan to catch up on missed or reduced payments.

If you are struggling to repay your mortgage as a result of circumstances related to COVID-19, you should talk to your lender about what you can pay and how you can catch up.

Cllr Graham Carr-Jones, portfolio holder for Housing at Dorset Council said, “The Coronavirus pandemic has affected people in many different ways. We’ve already seen an increase in people becoming homeless during the crisis, and we’re working with them to help them find more settled accommodation now lockdown restrictions have eased.

“It’s a worrying time for lots of people, especially trying to manage finances if your income is reduced. We want to make sure everyone can afford to pay their rent or mortgage so they don’t get into arrears and ultimately lose their home.”

The following organisations can provide advice:

Citizens Advice and Shelter – independent free advice and can act on your behalf.

The Money Advice Service – free and impartial money advice.

First Point Dorset – housing related support and guidance to people over 16 years of age facing eviction, rent arrears, court action and budgeting issues.

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