‘Horrendous’ traffic congestion blamed for service changes

‘Horrendous’ traffic congestion blamed for service changes

Caption: Buses in Bournemouth Town Centre

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‘Horrendous’ traffic congestion blamed for service changes

Yellow Buses has blamed ‘horrendous’ traffic congestion for several service changes from January.

‘Horrendous’ traffic congestion blamed for service changes

Caption: Buses in Bournemouth Town Centre

Routes 1, 4/4a, 5/5a, 6, 8, 33 and 36 as well as morning journeys on routes 18 and 60 are all affected by the changes from January 6.

The company says traffic diverting from the A338 roadworks, together with increasing volumes across the conurbation, have “played havoc” with timetables.

David Squire, managing director, said, “The challenges of running a bus network to time have increased dramatically in recent months.

“Our long-suffering drivers are doing their very best to keep to the timetable but the horrendous traffic congestion has played havoc.

“Although we do not operate any services along the A338, the traffic that is being displaced as a result of these works is having a significant impact on the rest of the road network in Bournemouth. It is making our services late, especially during the morning peak.

“The particular places where we are experiencing problems are in the Christchurch/Iford/Hospital area, and Kinson, Northbourne, Wallisdown and Ensbury Park.

“As a result we will be changing the timetables of the following routes; 1/1a/1b/1c, 4/4a, 5/5a, 33 and 36 in order to improve punctuality. We will also be changing the morning journeys of routes 18 and 60 which serve the schools.”

Details of the changes can be found on Yellow Buses’ website at www.yellowbuses.co.uk

Printed timetables will be available from the Travel Shop in The Square, and other outlets, from later this month.

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