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How to keep your home fresh when you have a houseful...

With many of us at home more than normal in these uncertain times, it's hard to feel on top of things.

Dogs on sofa

Pets, children and adults all crammed in together mean we need quick ways to keep homes fresh smelling, tidy and organised.

You can transform old sofas and protect new ones with Ruff and Tumble Sofa Throws. Made of double thickness cotton towelling they are stretchy, stay put and stop stains and fur spreading everywhere. Prices start at £70 plus P&P.

A scruffy and smelly dog bed is always a challenge. Ruff and Tumble Dog Bed Covers are easy to use so can be washed often. Like a towelling fitted sheet, just ping them on over a dog bed, and wash as often as you like on 30 degrees and tumble dry. Prices start at £25 plus P&P. You can also purchase dog drying coats, for wet dogs after walks and baths and drying mitts that you can hang by the back door to give paws a quick dry to stop dirty tracks across the kitchen floors. Visit the website to find out more.

Make life simpler and fresher with Ruff and Tumble drying products for dogs.

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