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Katie Melua encapsulates all things great

Caption: Katie Melua © Allan Jones

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Katie Melua encapsulates all things great

Bournemouth Pavilion
28 November
Review by Luke van Wingerden (Age 11)
Katie Melua encapsulates all things great

Caption: Katie Melua © Allan Jones

It was Katie’s first week back in Britain and what a phenomenal performance it was.

The opening act was an incredible first five songs, sung by Keeva. The pacing of the songs was astounding. I was spellbound.

Afterwards, the exceptional Katie Melua came onto the stage. Her genre is a unique mix between the blues and easy-listening, and I loved it. The audience did too. The presentation was spectacular, with her music videos projected on the backdrop, which were very interesting, as I had never watched them before. The concert was amazing. It was more than amazing. It was relaxing.

Katie Melua’s songs helped me relax after the chaotic build-up before I got to the concert. Our dog, Coco, had begun labour. Mum (who was meant to be writing the review for MAGS4DORSET) had to stay at home and I went to watch the concert with Dad instead. He enjoyed it as well (“I thought the singing was quite… uh… well it was quite beautiful and you could hear everything she was singing”).

As Katie Melua delivered her exceptional concert, Coco delivered too, and when we got home there were two new puppies.

For me, this encapsulates why I think Katie Melua’s music is great. It is so incredibly relaxing, it could fit into any part of my everyday life. I will never forget the concert, which was on my 11th birthday, and I’ve already asked Mum about calling one of the puppies Katie.

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