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Keep culturally connected with Artsreach

Dorset’s touring arts charity, Artsreach, has built a digital diary to keep you culturally connected with many artists who are working hard to keep in touch by releasing lots of lovely creative content online.

Digital Diary

This would usually be done with live performances in community venues such as village halls, but in the Artsreach 30th birthday year, rather than doing what they do best, the staff team and Board of Trustees have had to make some difficult decisions in the current situation, cancelling live performances.

The team continues to carefully monitor the situation relating to the coronavirus pandemic, listening to government and public health advice and planning accordingly. While the pandemic continues to unfold, the Artsreach team are busy exploring how best to support Dorset’s rural communities and professional touring artists at this time and in the future. They are working hard on what the next programme might look like and will do this in communication and partnership with a team of volunteers right across the county.  They say they are very grateful for the support being given by their principal funders, Arts Council England and Dorset Council.

To keep you culturally connected – many touring friends are working hard to keep in touch by releasing lots of lovely creative content online. In response,  Artsreach have built a ‘Digital Diary’ on their website, which will be regularly updated. The page will be constantly changing and you can view the Digital Diary at


Wimborne Roofing


Wimborne Roofing

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