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Last chance for West Moors residents to enter VE Day competition

West Moors Town Council wants residents to be creative during lockdown by entering the following competition:

  • Write  a short news report about VE Day in the style of today or of 75 years ago
  • Create a poem, song, drawing or any other work of art
  • Share an experience of your own or someone you know

Take your inspiration from VE Day and get your entry to the council by 6 May.

There is no entry free, just get creative and email your entry to: or post it through the town council’s office letterbox in 4 Park Way, West Moors (next to Tesco car park) whilst out on exercise or picking up essential shopping. Don’t forget to include your contact details.

The winning entry will be published in the next town council newsletter and on the council’s Facebook page.

Remember to stay at home on VE Day to enjoy your party food, dance and sing and listen to the Queen’s Speech meanwhile to entertain you West Moors Town Council interviewed residents in local care homes about VE Day (prior to lockdown) and below is a selection of their answers from the council’s newsletter.


Webbs Butchers


Webbs Butchers

VE Day West Moors Town Council
VE Day West Moors Council

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