Some of the volunteers who turned up to do the litter pick.

Some of the volunteers who turned up to do the litter pick.

Residents, councillors and officers from Christchurch Council and Dorset Police gathered to pick up litter and clean graffiti in Purewell as part of the Care for Christchurch campaign.

And, although the event attracted more volunteers than the last litter pick there, less rubbish was found, prompting comments that “Perhaps we’re beginning to win the battle.”

More than 30 volunteers gave up their time on Bank Holiday Saturday to cover the area round Purewell Common and collected 36 bags of rubbish.

Cllr Ray Nottage, ward councillor and Leader of the Council, said: “Part of our Care for Christchurch campaign includes the message ‘Take Your Litter Home’ and it would seem that a few people seem to be taking heed of this as we picked us less rubbish than last time.

“However, 36 bags of litter shows that we haven’t quite won the battle yet as there are still many people who seem to think it’s acceptable to throw their rubbish away wherever they are.

“A big thank you to everyone who came along to help take care for this part of Christchurch including local residents, police officers and officers from the council who came with their families.”


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