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Long serving priest shares grand-daughter’s wedding day at Dorset care home

With the ever-changing restrictions around COVID-19, being able to attend the wedding of someone very close to you has become, in some cases, near on impossible.

Reverend Jim Cocke, with granddaughter Lucy, her groom Nick Dawnay and mother of the bride Fiona Boggis
Reverend Jim Cocke, with granddaughter Lucy, her groom Nick Dawnay and mother of the bride Fiona Boggis

However a Dorset care home has enabled The Rev Jim Cocke, the Church of England’s longest serving priest until his retirement in January, to play an important role in his granddaughter’s wedding despite lockdown.

Jim, 94, an ordained priest for more than 67 years, serving as vicar of All Saints’, Headington, Oxford, is a resident at Colten Care’s Castle View care home in Poundbury.

He had been due to give the address at the marriage ceremony of his granddaughter Lucy in April but like many other weddings across the country the happy occasion had to be postponed because of Covid.

When the service eventually went ahead under physical distancing restrictions, only 15 people were allowed in the church – St Giles’ at Hooke near Beaminster, – and Jim could not attend in person.

Instead, staff at Castle View ensured he was able to prepare and send a personal address to be read out by Andrew Boggis, Lucy’s father, with the permission of the Rev Canon David Baldwin, who conducted the ceremony.

Jim’s words highlighted the importance of partnership in sustaining love and marriage, and when establishing a career – Lucy is a doctor and new husband Nick Dawnay is an army officer.

After the ceremony, Castle View staff hosted a Covid-safe visit which meant that Jim could see the newlyweds face-to-face in their wedding attire along with his daughter, Lucy’s mother, Fiona Boggis.

Jim said, “I felt very much included in the special day. I thought Lucy looked so lovely. It was a great pity not a lot of people could go to the church because of the restrictions, but I am just so proud of her.”

Lucy said, “It made my day even more special knowing my grandfather was included.” ​

Fiona added, “The staff did everything they could so Lucy and Nick could come and visit. They even put out banners and balloons to welcome them. They couldn’t have been kinder.”

Katja Williams, companionship team leader at Castle View, said, “We are very privileged to have Rev Jim with us in the home. He leads Sunday morning hymns and Bible reading much to the appreciation of those attending. We were only too happy to do what we could to address the challenges of Covid restrictions and social distancing to ensure he could enjoy his family’s special day.”

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