Cycle Safety billboardA town wide public safety message is hitting Bournemouth reminding motorists and cyclists to ‘Look Out’ for each other.

As part of the Council’s Getting About travel awareness programme, the ‘Look Out’ campaign aims to promote safer cycling in the town by encouraging road users to respect each other’s needs. Brightly coloured ‘Look Out’ messages will appear at the side of major roads, and on buses servicing busy commuter routes. A series of free events will also run across Bournemouth where people can get help and advice on how to stay safe on two wheels.

Ian Kalra, Transportation Services Manager, said: “Creating a safer, easier and more attractive environment for people to travel is a key priority for Bournemouth. Our town wide Getting About project aims to encourage more people to cycle and through additional government funding we are investing in new cycle lanes, crossings and secure cycle storage.”

“As more people take to two wheels it’s important we create a mutual respect between different road users. ‘Look Out’ will urge both cyclists and motorists to respect each other’s needs, provide simple safety advice, and remind Bournemouth’s road users to Look Out for each other.”

The majority of accidents involving cyclists in Bournemouth occur during the main school and commuter runs, as well as near roundabouts. Regardless of who is at fault, ‘failed to look properly’ is the most common contributory factor. The aim of the ‘Look Out’ campaign is to remind people of their responsibility as a road user.

Throughout the winter months motorists and cyclists will be reminded to ’Look Out’, be visible, follow the Highway Code, indicate intentions as well as respect each other’s needs.

Ian added: “We know many cyclists and drivers view their mode of transport as ‘the only way’, but each has every right to use the road. Everyone must consider the needs of others and look out for each other.”

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